My Office

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of these Terms is to stipulate rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other requirements that Good Time Life (hereinafter called "GTL) and the members of GTL My Office, the service provided by GTL (hereinafter called the "Service"), shall follow regarding the use of the Service.

Article 2 (Effect and Amendment of Terms)
1. Posting these Terms on a screen at the Service website or notifying them using other methods constitutes a public announcement thereof, and the Terms become effective by a user who has agreed to the Terms and became a member of the Service.
2. GTL may amend these Terms when necessary and will make the amended Terms known to the members by posting them at the Service website.
3. A member, if not agreeing to the amended Terms, may discontinue the use of the Service and cancel the membership thereof. By continuing to use the Service, the member agrees to the amendment and the amended Terms become effective in the way set forth in the aforementioned paragraph.
4. In the case of member’s agreement to these Terms, these Terms have precedence over other terms in applying to the Services of GTL. Other matters not stipulated herein shall be settled according to the international law.

Article 3 (Definitions)
1. In these Terms, the following terms have the following meanings.
① Member: A person who signs in to the Service site and uses the Service GTL offers
② ID: A combination of numbers and English characters that a member selects to use the Service and GTL approves for member identification
③ PASSWORD: A combination of characters, numbers and special characters that a member sets up in order to protect his/her information
④ Cancellation of Use: Notice of GTL or a member, after use of the Service, to terminate the agreement on the use of the Service.

Chapter 2 Agreement on Use of Service and Member’s Obligations

Article 4 (Acceptance of Application for Use and Limits of Service Use)
1. GTL, if necessary, may request a real name confirmation and user verification process according to Service users. And GTL is not responsible for any disadvantage that arises because a user has refused to provide information GTL requested for the real name confirmation or user verification, thus making it impossible for GTL to verify the identity of the user.
2. In any of the following cases, GTL may put limits to the Service until the reason(s) for the limits are settled.
① if the information in an application proves to be false or there is a reasonable cause to suspect that the information therein is false;
② if a person uses other member’s ID and password;
③ if a member intentionally interferes in operation of the Service;
④ if a member plans to use the Service with the intention of disturbing public interests or implements such plans;
⑤ if a member acts in a way to damage the reputation of others or cause others to be at a disadvantage; or
⑥ Other cases GTL considers to be inappropriate

Article 5 (Members’ Obligations for Controlling and Managing Personal Information)
1. It is the responsibility of the members to control and manage their ID and password.
2. A member, if learning of an unauthorized use of his/her ID, shall notify GTL of the use and follow the instructions GTL provides.
3. Despite the case set forth in the preceding paragraph, if a member fails to notify GTL of the unauthorized use or to follow the instructions of GTL, GTL is not liable for any disadvantage arising out of or relating to such failure of the member.

Article 6 (Transfer of Title)
1. A member may transfer the title by filling out a form designated by GTL before submitting it for GTL’s approval.
① A form to transfer title that GTL selects and approves shall be completed.
② Copies of the passports of the assigner and the assignee shall be submitted.
③ The request shall be made to GTL electronically with the e-mail address registered with the member’s ID.
④ GTL is not responsible for any and every conflict arising out of or relating to the transfer of the title.

Article 7 (Payment and Refund)
1. A refund is allowed only in one of the following cases;
① if the amount of bitcoins deposited is less than the amount requested, but a request for a supplementary deposit is refused; or
② if the registration is not completed.
2. Every charge incurred in the process of refunding shall be borne by the member concerned.


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